Cancer diagnostics

Uniogen’s product portfolio includes unique glycovariant immunoassays for the early and timely diagnostics of cancer. Our assay technology is based on nanoparticles coated with glycan binders at a high density, which translates to an improved sensitivity and specificity compared to conventional biomarker assays. The functional binding affinity of a coated nanoparticle is superior to individual binders due to the high number of binder molecules on an individual particle. 

Uniogen’s first proprietary test for the early detection of ovarian cancer is currently under development. Although ovarian cancer is a common malignancy with a relatively high mortality, no clinical screening method or early-stage diagnostic tool has been available up to date. In addition, we have patents for testing of other cancer types, such as pancreatic, breast and intestinal cancers.

Ovarian Cancer Assay Kit with components


Uniogen’s cancer diagnostic platform is based on the research performed at and published by the University of Turku (see references below). The studies show that the concept of glycosylation specific immunoassays clearly outperform the currently used blood based markers in cancer diagnosis and monitoring. Uniogen owns several patents related to the technology and has performed inhouse research, which has led to the diagnostic product development at Uniogen.

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