GenomEra® CDX system awarded with the Finnish Engineering Award

Uniogen is happy to announce that the GenomEra® CDX system by Abacus Diagnostica has been awarded with the Finnish Engineering Award. Abacus Diagnostica is part of Uniogen.

The Finnish Engineering Award is an annual recognition for significant accomplishment in engineering or architecture. The award is granted by TEK (the trade union for academic engineers and architects in Finland) and TFiF (the association for Swedish speaking MSc in engineering or architecture in Finland).

– GenomEra is a great example of how the bio industry requires long-term work, funding and faith before commercial success, states Erno Sundberg, CEO of Abacus Diagnostica.


Abacus Diagnostica will donate the award prize of 30.000 euros to the University of Turku, which is the alma mater of the founders and majority of employees of the company. The collaboration with the University of Turku has been consistent ever since.

– This faster and more affordable PCR method is a significant innovation that has promoted technical know-how in Finland. The company’s growth is impressive, and the COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated the social benefit and importance of technology, says Annika Nylander, executive director of TFiF.

Read more about our GenomEra® products here.


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